October 23, 2013

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The Barangay Governance Performance Management System is an assessment tool that measures the barangay’s delivery of services and accomplishments in relation to their functions as mandated in the 1991 Local Government Code (RA 7160) and other related issuances.


The BGPMS is aimed in determining and assessing the barangay’s level of compliance to the Code and other laws, especially in the identified service areas through the BGPMS scoring and rating system; and in improving the barangay’s quality of policies and programs based on the problems identified and defined by/per service area.


The BGPMS shall focus on the following priority performance areas: (1) Governance; (2) Administration; (3) Social Services; (4) Economic Development; and (5) Environmental Management.


These performance areas are further subdivided into several service areas as  shown below.

Performance and Service Areas in Barangay Governance

Performance Area

Service Area

1. Governance Barangay Legislation



2. Administration Development Planning

Revenue Generation

Resource Allocation/Utilization

Financial Accountability

Customer Service

Human Resource Management and Development

3. Social Services


Health and Nutrition

Education and Sports

Public Safety and Disaster Risk Management

4. Economic Development Agriculture and Fisheries

Entrepreneurship, Business and Industry Promotion

5. Environmental Management Natural Resource Management

Waste Management and Pollution Control


The formulation of BGPMS aims to promote policy and program reforms at the barangay level.  The five areas of concern to be measured are reflective of the present level of governance they are providing. Eventually, BGPMS is a developmental program with the following foreseen benefits both at the national and barangay levels.


  1. A.    For National Government/Policymakers

Serve as basis in formulating policy that would rationalize assistance to barangays.



  1. B.    City/Municipal Government


Be apprised of the present state or level of performance of its component barangays and thus be guided in the formulation of integrated policies, plans and programs that would lead to the barangay’s efficient delivery of basic services and effective discharge of its functions and responsibilities; and be provided with vital data/inputs in the accomplishments of the data requirements of their own LGPMS.





  1. C.    Barangay Level


Become aware of the state or level of performance viz-a viz the following:


  • Benchmark information/data generated necessary for the preparation of plans and budget as well as crucial  in the assessment of their skills and training needs; and
  • Identified presence or absence of services and facilities which serve as guide in enhancing the delivery of services to their constituents
  • Promote transparency and accountability in barangay governance through compliance to laws and other issuances.







  • Description and legal bases
  • Legal bases
  • Scopes and focus
  • Benefits

1 hour

BGPMS Indicators

  • Governance
  • Administration
  • Social Services
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Management

1 hour

Measuring the BGPMS

  • BGPMS Performance Areas and indicators by service area
  • Scoring system and its application
  • The BGPMS Instrument – the Data Capture Form

2 hour

Mechanics of Implementation

  • Creation of the BGPMS Barangay Assessment Team
  • Orientation of BGPMS Barangay Assessment Team
  • Data Gathering
  • Data Processing Analysis
  • Preparation of State of Barangay Governance Report (SBGR)
  • Conduct of Exit Conference
  • Frequency of and BGPMS Calendar of Activities

2 hour

Roles of LGUS under the BGPMS Project

1 hour

Monitoring and Evaluation

1 hour


Target participants: City/Municipal Planning and Development Officer, Punong Barangays, Sangguniang Barangay Members, Barangay Secretaries, Barangay Treasurers, BHWs, BDWs, BNS